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    Roxann MacDonald

    Coach Roxann  "Rox", is passionate about helping others and has made it her lifes goal. She helps the sick as a Registered Nurse and is ecstatic about helping others achieve their healthy lifestyle goals.Her athletic achievements are running 3 marathons, multiple half marathons, 10k, and 5ks. Coach Rox has also competed in statewide CrossFit competitions and continues to set goals to compete throughout each year.   Read More...

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    Kristina is a digital designer/marketer with an invested background in all things CrossFit. She turned her pursuit of personal wellness into a passion for inspiring others in achieving their own health and fitness goals. She competes at and judges numerous local CrossFit events.   Read More...

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    Gabby Huron

    Coach Gabs has a deep passion for CrossFit and helping others reach their goals.Gabby has been with Ten Arrows from our opening and has evolved as an athlete herself by continuously reaching and achieving new fitness milestones and applies her knowledge with the Arrows group. Coach Gabs has competed in several statewide CrossFit competitons and continues to set goals to compete throughout each year.   Read More...

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    Jay Williams

    Coach Jay is a tremendous asset and leader at Ten Arrows.  Jay brings a wealth of knowledge based on his multi-sport endeavors, he's a well-accomplished runner and OCR athlete amongst other things. Coach Jay also actively competes in statewide CrossFit competitions.Coach Jay has a passion for helping others in CrossFit and brings the motivation to help others reach new heights.Coach Jay is also a certified CrossFit L1 Trainer.   Read More...

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    Jesse Alva

    Coach Jesse is a CrossFit L1 Trainer and has a great passion for helping others achieve their goals in fitness at Ten Arrows.Coach Jesse has had a remarkable journey in CrossFit himself; he has lost over 100 pounds and has competed in several CrossFit competition and is also our guru with competition strategy.    Read More...

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